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Visitor Parking Rules

The Washingtonian Towns HOA Board of Directors would like to clarify the Visitor Parking Rules so that all are aware about who may and who may not park in the community's designated visitor parking spaces.  The Association's approved Vehicle Rules Resolution that was adopted by the Board of Directors on July 1, 1996  is available to be viewed on this website under the Documents section.

The purpose of clarifying the vehicle rules regarding Visitor Parking is to curb the number of resident vehicles that are parking in the designated Visitor Parking spaces.  Resident (either homeowners, tenants, or long-term residents who are sharing housing with homeowners/tenants) vehicles shall park only in the two designated reserved parking spaces assigned to his/her residence.  Visitors are permitted to park their vehicles in the designated Visitor Parking spaces for no more than 3 consecutive days.

If a resident reports Visitor Parking abuse to the Association, the Association has the obligation to investigate the matter and involve the Association's tow contractor (Anchor Towing) with the investigation.  If a resident vehicle is stickered for tow for abusing the Visitor Parking spaces, then the owner of the vehicle will have 48-72 hours to remove the vehicle and cease from parking in the Visitor Parking spaces.  If the vehicle returns anytime after the 72 hour notice has been issued, then the vehicle may be towed from the Visitor Parking space without any further warning or notice.

Please contact Property Management People at 301-963-3337 if you have any questions regarding this parking policy.

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