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Meet the World’s Most Fuel-efficient Couple

John and Helen Taylor have set a new world record for fuel economy … by driving across the cou...

Can you save gasoline by driving across the country? Well, we suppose it all depends upon how you look at it. In any case, after spending 23 days driving through a portion of each of the contiguous 48 states, John and Helen Taylor set a new fuel-efficiency world record. Using the gasoline of their sponsor, Shell, the couple achieved an average of 64.42 miles per gallon throughout their journey in an unmodified, non-hybrid gasoline Chevrolet Cruze. The key to their success: using simple tips to drive smarter. The final mileage they achieved was 53.39 percent greater than the Environmental Protection Agency’s estimated highway fuel economy for the vehicle they drove, and it surpassed the minimum requirement of 54.5 mpg announced by the government for passenger vehicles to achieve by 2025.

The Taylors’ record-setting drive was part of the Shell Smarter Driving program, which is designed to demonstrate to everyday drivers that they can use simple tips to stretch their fuel supply and budget. Using the program, the Taylors were able to go the distance on only 12 tanks of gas. As you might expect, the Taylors filled their tank exclusively with Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines.

The Taylors refer to their game plan as “MAP to Smarter Driving,” which stands for:

Maintenance: Perform smart vehicle maintenance before you drive.

Actions: Practice smart behaviors and actions while you’re behind the wheel.

Products: Purchase smart products and services at the right price -- without sacrificing quality.

As part of the tour, the Taylors stopped at some Shell stations along their journey to fill their tank and hold on-site meet-and-greets with consumers, where they informed them about simple fuel-efficiency tips, like avoiding quick acceleration and abrupt braking. They also suggest leveraging grocer loyalty reward programs and using payment options that can offer significant discounts in your quest for better overall fuel savings.



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