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Get to those hard-to-reach exterior windows with these tips.

Get to those hard-to-reach exterior windows with these tips.

Streaky upstairs windows got you down while looking up? If you have upper-floor windows that are in need of a good clean, it may be easier to get to them than you think.

If the windows open in, you’re in luck. Use a squeegee and a mixture of warm water and a teaspoon of dishwasher detergent in a plastic container to clean them from the inside. The detergent does a great job of cutting through dirt, while the squeegee keeps everything streak-free.

If your windows open externally and you can’t safely reach each area of the glass with a long-handled squeegee, you’ll need to use a ladder to do the job from the exterior. If your windows are higher than you can safely reach with a ladder, it’s best to hire a professional to tackle the job. Safety first!

Photo: Corbis Images

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